The Garden Party Folder
Folder for the exhibition
The Garden Party – Contemporary Swedish Sculpture
at Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm
©Kamarade 2016. All rights reserved


Håkan Nilsson in coversation with
Elin Elfström and Jakob Ojanen
at Kamarade in April 2015
©Kamarade 2015. All rights reserved
Text in Swedish


SHE’S HERE publication
at Kamarade
9-13 May 2012
at Fotogalleriet
25 May-25 June 2012
©Kamarade 2012. All rights reserved
Text by Peter Wächtler translation Hans Olsson
Designed at Maja Kölqvist


LIKA poster
LIKA – a performance evening at Kamarade
24 May 2011
©Kamarade 2011. All rights reserved
Designed at Studio SM


Interview – C-print, a journal about contemporary art